Essential Blog Templates

Have you ever wondered how to start a blog? The most common problem bloggers face is their inability to organize thoughts into a coherent post. A poorly organized post, one in which ideas jumps from one to another, is confusing and unappealing for readers. To help with this challenge, we have included a list of templates for common types of blogs. Use these templates to organize your thoughts into a nicely-structured, coherent blog post. Each template comes with a detailed outline and tips to help you along the way. We can help you simplify blogging.
Create a bulleted post that gives advice, suggestions, or tips on a subject. Sign In to Start Writing

A blog post to teach a task in easy to follow steps. Sign In to Start Writing

Write about a current news event and offer your opinion on it. Sign In to Start Writing

Report on a current event for an online news source. Sign In to Start Writing

Put the spotlight on someone by highlighting their special qualities, accomplishments, expertise. Sign In to Start Writing

A blog template for the reluctant writer. Use this to share an idea or point of view to your audience. Sign In to Start Writing