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University of California: Freshman Essay - Prompt #8 (2016)
Prompt:What is the one thing that you think set you apart from other candidates applying to the University of California?
When I was 16, I faced a major health setback. I was diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disorder. I had some very painful symptoms that impacted my ability to participate in baseball, my sport of choice. During this time, my resilience played a key role in getting me through it. Though I was not able to physically play baseball for many months, I maintained my connection to the team. I worked alongside the coaches as an "honorary coach," and worked as a referee on the sidelines. I knew that if I didn't give up on baseball, I would be happier and less stressed. Eventually, my medications started working and I regained my strength enough to play again. I know that by finding a way to be around baseball while I was sick, I recovered faster.
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As a student at UC, my resilience will be of service to others. No matter what problems I encounter with my classmates and professors, I have faith that I can overcome them. With my problem solving attitude, I do not turn away from adversity. Rather, I see problems as opportunities to change and adapt. Just as I stayed connected with baseball during my illness, I will always maintain a high degree of commitment to my studies no matter what else live has in store for me in my college years. Now, my medical condition is under control and even motivates me more to live life to the fullest daily and be the best person I can be. They say "tomorrow is not guaranteed," but for me, a better tomorrow is always guaranteed because I trust in my own resilience.