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University of California: Freshman Essay - Prompt #2 (2016)
Prompt: Every person has a creative side, and it can be expressed in many ways: problem solving, original and innovative thinking, and artistically, to name a few. Describe how you express your creative side.
I tend to express my creative side visually, usually in the form of drawings and charts. Imagine you're tasked with creating a 30-minute pitch to present your business idea to investors. If I were involved, I would contribute by adding visual design elements such as posters, charts and drawings to enhance the presentation. For me, creativity is the process of creating something that did not previously exist. My natural skill allows me to take information and present it in a new way, using visual media such as pens, paint, digital images and digital design. Whether it's taking data and creating an infographic or taking a slogan and creating a logo, you'll find me among the first to volunteer my skills.

A time when my creative skills became practical was during my senior-year research paper for Honors English. My paper was about the history of immigration from Europe to the United States. There were many statistics listed in the text of my paper. With my creativity, I was able to design graphic representations to portray the number of immigrants over time. I created a series of colorful graphs to accompany my paper. The graphs went beyond typical bar and pie graphs and included small drawings and an attractive color scheme. My teacher noted in her grading comments that she appreciated the creative addition and that it added to a reade's ability to both enjoy and learn from a research paper.
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Because of my natural affinity for visual art, I am always seeking ways to apply it. In the business world, there are no shortages of opportunities to add visual appeal. The entire business world is fueled by advertising, one of the most visually-impactful industries in existence, and one I plan to enter. My skills are also a personal passion and bridge the gap between my professional and my personal life. In my free time, you'll even find me designing greeting cards for friends and family. Creativity, I have learned, is not something I do, it's something I am.